About Corporate State University

Our Story

Partway through my third year working in Corporate America that I had an epiphany: 

Undergraduate education and Corporate America are very similar.  

Despite being told this would be one of the biggest jumps I had to make personally and professionally, I found this not to be accurate.  So I started writing about it.  From the basics like daily routines and happy hours, I decided to cover it all to make your transition into Corporate America easier.

What is Corporate State University?

Corporate State University (CSU) provides a no-BS look into Corporate America through the lens of unique perspectives of recent college graduates in the working world.  CSU provides career and internship tips and advice to make your time in the working world better and more productive.

CSU is the mentor you need for the working world.  Have a question and no one to ask?  Come to CSU and we will give you a straight answer - even to the questions that feel uncomfortable - to make you more prepared for life at work.

Who is behind Corporate State University?


My name is Steve and I am the founder and the lead writer of Corporate State University.  I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University living in Chicago, working in Corporate America.  I currently work in product management in the travel industry.  All thoughts here are my own and do not represent the opinions of my employer.

We also have guest writers contribute to the blog.  If you are interested in contributing, please reach out to us here.

Why should I follow Corporate State University?

We tell you what the transition from undergrad to Corporate America is actually like in a straightforward way.  Your professors will tell you one thing, but we have the perspectives of people that recently made the transition.  CSU also offers advice, tips, and guidelines to answer the questions you've always wanted to ask, but never had anyone to ask.  Lastly, CSU covers a wide range of topics, from social settings, money, tough conversations with your manager, mentors, communication, and more.   

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