Making Lunch Time Work for You

How do you use your lunch time as an undergrad?  For many it is a time to visit the cafeteria and keep your mind off your exam that starts in 45 minutes.  For others, it is a time to cram to prepare for that exam.  Either way, you use the time however you please - all while fueling up with some food.

Corporate America is no different, minus the exams, of course.  Lunch time is used in one of 5 ways in Corporate America:

  1. Networking: Setting up time with colleagues to chat in a casual manner and get to know one another
  2. Visibility: Maybe you'll get lucky and bump into your VP in the pasta line and strike up a conversation.  Sometimes timing, and being in the right place around noon, will increase your visibility to leadership, giving you a leg up down the road
  3. Venting: Lunch is the perfect time to decompress with some of your closest friends and colleagues about your troubles.  It is a great time to vent about issues you are having with a boss or business partner.  But, be cautious, you need to be aware of your surroundings before talking bad about someone
  4. Working: Unfortunately, sometimes you have too much stuff to get done and need to keep working.  Not fun, of course, but it pays the bills
  5. Exercise: A lot of people will take the lunch hour to go to the gym or take a long walk outside.  This is one of my favorite ways to spend lunch because it takes you away from your computer screen and gives you a chance to think and reflect.  The exercise is a huge energy boost for the latter half of the day too

The cafeteria scene in Corporate America at lunch time is nearly identical to that of a college campus: full of people chatting, laughing, and grabbing food to prepare for the second half of the day.

What are your perceptions of lunch time in Corporate America?