4 Ways to be Productive While Working From Home

Many people may have the opportunity to work from home.  For those that have worked from home, you know there can be many, many distractions.  From the temptation to turn on the TV, read a book, or even take a nap, it can be challenging to maintain productivity.  But, you are working, after all, and need to get your job done in order to be successful.  Here are a few ways to be productive while working from home:

  1. Block your calendar for productive tasks.  We’ve talked about the importance of controlling your calendar, and it is even more important while working from home due to the distractions.  Block off 30 minutes of time to accomplish a work-related task or project.  This will keep you on track to doing work rather than folding laundry
  2. Wear work clothes.  While it seems weird, wearing work clothes allows you to differentiate between work and home life.  If you wear your pajamas all day, you are creating a fine line between work and home.  This may mean you don’t have a defined “quitting” time to your work, since you always are wearing your PJs.  Wearing work clothes will allow you to maintain a level of professionalism while working from home, which will keep you in the mindset of being in the office, keeping you productive
  3. Avoid menial housework tasks.  It is easy to find things wrong with your house or apartment while working from home.  Maybe the kitchen is a little dirty, or you need to do laundry.  It is easy to get distracted and knock out these menial tasks that are unrelated to work.  It requires discipline to avoid doing these and to focus on your work.  These distractions are never ending - you will always be able to find another menial housework task to take you away from productive work
  4. Sit in a designated area of your home.  By sitting in a designated location, you are reserving it for work, rather than leisure.  This will help you avoid distractions.  It will also put you in the mindset of working, as this is your place of work at home

Following these steps will keep you productive while working from home.  

What do you do to stay productive while working from home?