Dealing with Change

Just like life, work is constantly changing.  Whenever you’re asked the question, “tell me about a typical day at work?” you are usually met with this response: “no two days are the same.”  This sounds cliche, but is true.  Each day is different.  But beyond the day-to-day there are larger changes that arise.  People leaving your team or the company.  Organizations are restructured.  You get a new office.  Your manager goes on maternity leave.  All of these changes can and, likely, will occur to you at some point throughout your career.  So the question is: how do you deal with this change?

When these changes inevitably pop up, you need to be aware of yourself.  You can handle the change in a controlled manner or you can freak out and be out of control.  Understanding how you operate in change is important because it will give you the chance to improve how you handle it in the future.  It also makes sure that you operate in an effective manner following the change.  Those that are out of control in times of change need to know that is how they behave, as it will give them the chance to reel it in and maintain focus.  People that are in control of themselves during times of change will continue to be effective because they are able to make clear, rational decisions. 

Change can be embraced or shied away from.  Those that embrace the change are typically the ones who see more success.  Take the example of a team member leaving the company.  When they leave, their work still needs to get done.  Embrace the change and pick up their slack!  This will show others on your team, and your manager, that you are able to go head-on into change and maintain your position as a strong contributor.  If you shy away from this change, you’ll end up letting the additional work fall to someone else.  This is an opportunity for you to show your value to the team and that you can adapt to challenging situations.

Change is always present in the workplace.  Those that can better adapt to change will be better off in the long run.  So ask yourself this: how do you handle change?

Thought Starters

  • How do those that don’t handle change well react to changes?
  • What can you do to be better prepared for an upcoming change?