The Company Holiday Party

With the movie “Office Christmas Party” set to hit theaters later this week, it is only appropriate to touch on the annual holiday party in the office.  There are a lot of stereotypical holiday parties in media – “Office Christmas Party” being one of them.  Depending on the company you work for, this stereotype may be a reality.  Especially at younger companies that do not have shareholders to hold them accountable, these parties can get pretty wild.

As a new employee, how do you balance the desire to have fun and get wild with your coworkers with ensuring you have a job when you come in the next day?  While it may sound ridiculous, for many, this is a legitimate concern, even if the employee is unaware they may be toeing this fine line.  Here are some do’s and don’ts of the office holiday party:


  • Have fun.  These parties are set up for you to have fun, so be sure to take advantage of it.  There are almost always activities set up specifically for you to have fun.  Take part in the activities and enjoy in the celebration
  • Drink (if you enjoy beer, wine, and spirits).  I have yet to come across an office holiday party that does not serve alcohol.  Again, it is there specifically for you, so enjoy the eggnog and have a few drinks
  • Talk to others.  Some people use office holiday parties as an excuse to skip out on work and go home.  Take advantage of this opportunity and talk to your colleagues.  Everyone is in a relaxed, low-pressure state of mind.  Strike up a casual conversation with a colleague and get to know them better


  • Skip the party.  These parties are for you, as an employee of the company.  Don’t skip out for any reason, including to work.  Take advantage of the opportunities the office holiday party presents  
  • Work after the party.  Especially when alcohol is involved.  Leave your work alone.  You don’t want to have a few too many cocktails and then send an email filled with inaccurate info and spelling/grammar errors.  That reflects poorly – especially since emails have data and timestamps
  • Abuse the open bar.  By all means, consume alcohol, but do not abuse it (see our previous post on drinking at work).  At this point in your life, you should know your limits.  Make sure you do not push yourself past the point where you are comfortable or where you will make a complete fool of yourself.  It is ok to drink and have a few drinks, but if you are falling over, getting sick, or saying something stupid to your boss, you’ve taken it too far.  If you do abuse the open bar, you need to go home right away to avoid potential issues.  When in doubt – be sure to stay at or below pace with your superiors at the company.  If they are more out of control than you are, you should be in the clear, though that does not give you the right to say or do inappropriate things.  Use common sense 

Happy holidays to all CSU readers.  Make sure you capitalize on your company holiday parties and avoid the issues they can present.

Had a great company holiday party?  Send us a photo.