Thoughts from Recruiting V3

This is our third and final post in the “Thoughts from Recruiting” series.  We hope you found these posts valuable and helpful for future interactions with recruiters!  If you missed the first or second post, check them out.  Here are today's thoughts:

  • Recruiters will go to the bar at night.  This past week, we saw recruiters from probably 10-15 different Fortune 500 companies at the bar having a good time.  If you see this occurring and are a student, there is no need to run away.  We suggest you continue about your evening as you were and if you happen to cross paths with a recruiter from a company you’re interested in, just say “hi.”  Recruiters, just like college students, enjoy going to the bar with friends, so do not be alarmed to see them in that setting
  • A follow up email will not hurt.  After meeting a recruiter, common practice is to send them an email and thank them for their time.  This is a courtesy and it does not hurt to do.  We suggest mentioning something in the email to help the recruiter remember something you talked about or even a link to an interest article on the industry.  Remember, recruiters meet hundreds of students at college career fairs so do not expect a personalized response, or a response at all.  Just because you do not get a response back from a recruiter on a thank you note does not mean you will not get the position you applied for
  • Do something memorable.  As mentioned in the previous bullet point, recruiters meet with hundreds of students at a career fair.  If they are not able to remember who you are, you will not move forward.  There have been times for me where the notes I took for a student were favorable, but I could not remember anything about my interaction with them.  Unfortunately, for those students, this meant they would not be moving forward in our process.  If you are not memorable or able to make an impression on a recruiter, you will not be considered as a candidate

Need any more tips or advice from the recruiter’s perspective?  Want us to speak with your group to provide our perspective?  Let us know!