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Corporate State University's mission is to make the transition from undergrad to the working world easier.  Through our experience as recent graduates, we know the ins and outs of this transition - we've been through it!  Who better to relate to a group of interns, new hires, or young professionals than someone who has recently made the transition and sat in their shoes less than 5 years ago?

Corporate State University was founded on the following ideals:

  1. Communication
  2. Continual Learning
  3. Openness

We strive to be strong communicators at all times.  CSU started out as a blog, so we're used to written and verbal communication to get our thoughts across to other parties.  We are constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn and firmly believe the learning process does not stop once you are handed your degree.  And openness.  We've noticed that transparency and openness are crucial to success in business and life.  In each of our blog posts and presentations, we seek to provide an authentic look, without sugar-coating, into our experiences in the working world.

The Biggest Challenge for Interns and New Employees

There are many challenges that pop up during the course of an internship or the first year of employment.  But the biggest one is being yourself.  All too often, interns and new employees have a preconceived notion of what the working world is like and how they should act.  What they lack is the tools and experiences to be themselves.  It sounds like a simple task, but it is more challenging than those that are 10+ years into their career realize.

Students Don't Know How to Use the Tools They Learned in School

Students are taught so many skills and tools while in school, yet they don't know how to use them properly.  It can often take years for them to recognize the value of what they learned.  Many times these students come into the working world expecting to do one thing but are handed a curve-ball and end up doing something completely different.  This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.  The thing is, the students have these tools through their experiences as an undergrad, they just don't know how to tap into them.    

Communication in a New Environment

Social norms often transfer from one social group to another.  But there are certain ways to communicate in a social setting with friends compared to at work.  For internships and jobs right out of school, employees are expected to have a level of proficiency in communication and what that means for the organization they work for.  Bring new to the organization, this is nearly impossible to do!  Understanding social norms within the office and what is appropriate is crucial to the success of the intern or full-time employee.  Wait to long to coach them on this and their performance will suffer.

Speaking Engagements

Corporate State University offers speaking engagements to groups of interns and newly hired recent graduates (1-2 years out of school).  As experts in the space, we provide tools to help them acclimate to the working world quicker, make them more comfortable at work, and make them stronger, more productive employees.  Through the customized, interactive presentations and activities we use, we're able to easily relate and educate these employees to make them bigger assets for your company and improve employee/intern retention.  

Presentations range from a 60 minute session to 3 hours.  We will work with your group to develop content tailored to your company and business needs.

What People are Saying

Corporate State University delivered an incredibly helpful presentation to our business fraternity about the various unknowns when making the transition from Undergrad to Corporate America. Despite having members of all majors in our organization, the insight and tips provided made for a meaningful and engaging discussion. We would definitely recommend CSU to other undergraduate students and young professionals looking to make the transition to the working world easier.
— DePaul University, Pi Sigma Epsilon, 2016

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